Short-listed these guys and Dynamic Roofing. In the end I preferred Jason from All-Weather Roofing’s (AWR) more laid-back approach to Dynamic’s borderline pushy sales call tactics. He was patient and answered all my questions thoroughly. This seems to have been a moot point as AWR and Dynamic share ownership which should be disclosed during the estimate phase. It is unusual to have two roofing companies share ownership in a this size market and gives a false appearance of competition. Jasper and his crew did quick/good work during install, and a decent job of cleaning up the yard afterwards. They didn’t even have a radio blaring for two blocks like most roofing crews;) They did do the old out of sight out of mind trick though in that anything that dropped through when cutting/resizing a hole was left on top of the insulation and entombed. I was also not impressed with a line of oil leaks on the driveway nor a damaged downspout extension they hid. Not a big deal, accidents happen when old shingles are flying and it’s only worth $20, but fess up to it especially when someone is already shelling out thousands of dollars. It has to be said: dealing with the AWR office in-between estimate and install phases was PAINFUL. Installation dates came and went several times over several months and only once did someone call me afterwards. Weather was hardly a factor during this time. When I called them and asked why no delivery or roofing crew showed up when I was told they would, I was given various excuses from “you haven’t given us your shingle selection yet” (gave this to them three times overall) or “sorry we are just really busy with other jobs” or “I was just placing the order and was just going to call you.” The latter was comical as when they finished reviewing my product choices yet again, I had a few more questions. Apparently a few extra minutes of me asking them some questions about delays prompted the girl on the phone to say that if we didn’t get off the phone asap, she couldn’t get my order in on time and installation would be delayed yet again. She also said she was busy with customers in the showroom and had to go, which was odd considering they only have a post-office box listed. I understand in-person trumps on-the-phone so I offered to come down and chat with the owner in-person to determine when the install would happen but apparently the “showroom” option was not given to me as they work out of a home office. My unverified guess is Dynamic and AWR share the same fixed location (Dynamic's) but are told to keep that on the down-low for whatever reason or perhaps they only allow large commercial customers to come in person (again this is just my theory, not verified). In addition to this, I asked twice for the owner to call me to give some clarification and was told he would once he got back from holidays. He finally did call… when I was standing in the Pasqua hospital for a family medical appointment asking where I was as the shingles and install crew were now at my house waiting for me (without getting any prior notice from the office). When I got there, the roofing crew was still in the dark about some installation instructions, including missing a key vent part, even though I’d been mentioning this repeatedly since the estimate phase. Nothing earth shattering that wasn’t dealt with using adaptations with what they had on site (vs other option: I run to the hardware store to pick it up for them). So ya, a failing grade in communication from the office and the boss (even if he didn’t get the requests to call me, someone still hired these office unprofessionals). Based on Jason’s depth of knowledge and soft-sell approach, and the solid install done by Jasper’s crew, I would still recommend them. Ultimately it’s the end product that will matter ten years from now which will be due to what the crew and BP did/made. If you do consider hiring them though, be cognizant of the shared AWR/Dynamic ownership and be prepared to engage your “Costco on a Saturday level patience” when dealing with their office workers.
September 18, 2018